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  1. The Influence of providing primary care to and uninsured population in Clark County, Washington, is associated with reduced utilization of emergency department and inpatient services

  2. Lower cyanide detoxification rates in konzo - a tropic spastic paralysis linked to cassava cyanogenic poisoning

  3. The Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment form in the setting of traumatic injuries : a preliminary study on prevalence and effectiveness

  4. Uranium exposure and autoimmune thyroid disease in populations near the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center

  5. Impact of model for end stage liver disease sodium (MELD-Na) prioritization for liver transplantation on waitlist survival

  6. Maternal and neonatal outcomes of planned primary cesarean versus vaginal delivery for low risk primiparous women at term

  7. Combined oral contraceptive pills in obese women : effectiveness, safety, and the role of biomarkers in risk assessment

  8. Total magnesium intake and colorectal cancer incidence in men

  9. Dengue epidemic in Puerto Rico 2012-2013: integration of passive and sentinel surveillance to characterize and differentiate dengue in the peri-vaccination era

  10. Characterizing the distribution of depression and alcohol use disorders among an adult Peruvian population : prevalence, risk factors and associations