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  1. Evaluation of a Novel Microencapsulated Orthodontic Cement to Prevent White Spot Lesions

  2. Atomic layer deposition coatings on orthodontic archwires and brackets : resistance to sliding, coefficient of friction, and mechanical testing

  3. Measurement and comparison of bracket transfer accuracy in 5 indirect bonding techniques

  4. Comparison of bracket transfer accuracy of 3 indirect bonding tray methods in maxillary teeth having varying displacements and rotations - an in vitro study

  5. Self-ligation vs. elastomer : one-year follow-up study examining bracket archwire ligation technique on microbial colonization and white spot lesion formation

  6. Plaque retention by self-ligating versus elastomeric orthodontic brackets : quantitative comparison of oral bacteria and detection using ATP-driven bioluminescence

  7. Refinishing porcelain surfaces after the use of two othodontic bonding methods

  8. The Effect of variation in orthodontic bracket pad design on shear bond strength, adhesive thickness, tooth adaptation, and curing light penetration

  9. Effects of time and direction of light exposure on the initial bond strength of orthodontic brackets activated with a high intensity light-emitting diode (LED) source versus a halogen light source

  10. A laboratory investigation of three cements used for orthodontic banding of porcelain molars

  11. Evaluation of the load to failure of fiber reinforced composite orthodontic bracket tie wings