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  1. Identification of miRNA-targeted cellular pathways in flavivirus-infected cells

  2. The effects of hands free communication devices : communication changes among nurses, nurse managers, and information technology staff

  3. A collection of multi-criteria decision analyses for a childbirth after cesarean decision using two decision methodologies : the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and decision trees

  4. Where do the visually impaired in Oregon go to retrieve health information? : comparison of the experiences/opinions of visually impaired Internet and non-Internet users within rural and suburban/urban Oregon

  5. Differential expression of modules by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infecting human dendritic cells and macrophages

  6. Factors associated with physicians' clinical research productivity [:] can informatics resources improve the capacity for research?

  7. Upgrading to Epic '10 at Oregon Health and Science University : monitoring and assessing the electronic health record update process

  8. Evaluation of a continuing medical education system intergrated into an electronic health record in an academic hospital in Argentina

  9. Making choices about breast cancer screening : a decision aid for women between the ages of 38 and 48

  10. Improving mammogram result data quality in an electronic health record with a breast imaging-results and data system-electronic health record interface