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  1. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Copper: Characterization of the Human Copper Chaperone to Superoxide Dismutase

  2. A general theoretical method for evaluating the formation of high-molecular weight/low-volatility compounds and their contribution to atmospheric organic particulate matter

  3. Gas/Particle Partitioning of Ammonia and Nicotine in Mainstream Tobacco Smoke and its Implications of Acid/Base Chemistry of Tobacco Smoke

  4. Specific requirements for translational regulation by a nascent peptide that stalls ribosomes in response to arginine

  5. Effects of multiple phases and ionic constituents on gas/particle partitioning in atmospheric and other aerosols

  6. Physical environmental electrochemistry electrochemical properties of natural organic matter and iron powders

  7. Characterization of nitrosyl, azido, and carbonyl complexes in diiron enzymes and their implications for O[subscript]2 and NO activation

  8. ResDE-dependent transcriptional control in response to oxygen limitation

  9. Spectroscopic studies of the human copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase probing the active cluster with selenocysteine variants

  10. The transcriptional control of spx in response to oxidative stress

  11. Enabling technologies for fast, nonlinear data assimilation in a coastal margin observatory

  12. Function of Spx and its control by proteolysis

  13. Kinetic modeling of heterogeneous chemical reactions with applications to the reduction of environmental contaminants on iron metal

  14. Cool season mineralization of recalcitrant organic nitrogen in manured soils

  15. Luteinizing Hormone-Regulated Genes and the Corticotropin Releasing Hormone/Urocortin-Receptor- Binding Protein System in the Primate Corpus Luteum during the Menstrual Cycle

  16. Development and application of thermodynamic models of chemical equilibrium in multi-phase organic/electrolyte/water mixtures for prediction of atmospheric organic particulate matter levels

  17. Study of translational control using cell-free translation systems and primer extension inhibition assays

  18. Engineered remediation and natural attenuation of halogenated alkanes (carbon tetrachloride and 1,2,3-trichloropropane) a study of contaminant reactivity and reductant morphology