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  1. The effects of iron on the virulence of P?s?e?u?d?o?m?o?n?a?s? a?e?r?u?g?i?n?o?s?a?

  2. The analysis of transgenic mice with mutations involving cartilage extracellular matrix proteins, collagen type II and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein

  3. Secretion of antibodies : the tale of heavy chain hypervariable region 2

  4. Usability in nursing practice : two papers for publication submitted as a dissertation : Information system design and usability in nursing practice and Factors of usability in nursing information tools

  5. Lactation as a model for studying the Neuropeptide Y system in the hypothalamus : implications in the regulation of reproduction and feeding

  6. Responses of pyramidal tract cells during a differential classical conditioning paradigm using central stimulation as the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli

  7. Comparative susceptibility of fetal and maternal guinea pig ears to the ototoxic effect of kanamycin

  8. Characterization of human embryonic hemoglobins Portland I (zeta???) and Portland II (zeta???)

  9. Studies of the structure and biosynthesis of the membrane glycoproteins encoded by the Friend murine leukemia virus

  10. A comparision of axenic cultures of Giardia trophozoites from different mammalian hosts