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  1. Behavioral and neurobiological correlates of genetic risk for binge-like alcohol drinking

  2. Quantitative trait loci mapping analysis for baseline nociceptive sensitivity and morphine-induced antinociception on the writhing assay

  3. Behavioral assessment of common determinants of drug and ethanol-induced sensitization and the role of ethanol-induced sensitization in voluntary ethanol drinking and ethanol-induced conditioned taste aversion

  4. GABA-B receptor modulation of ethanol-stimulated locomotor activity

  5. Mechanisms of rapid adaptation to hypnotic effects of ethanol in mice : a pharmacogenetic approach

  6. The kappa-opioid receptor system : a role in ethanol withdrawal severity?

  7. Locomotor behavior, immediate-early gene profiles, and gene expression associated with acute and repeated injections of ethanol in mice

  8. Genetic analysis of methamphetamine-induced chewing stereotypy in mapping populations derived from the C57BL

  9. Genetic and behavioral analysis of methamphetamine-induced anorexia in mice

  10. Corticosterone effects on the acquisition and expression of ethanol-induced conditioned place preference in mice