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  1. A u.v. assay for serum triglycerides using enzymatic hydrolysis and enzymatic quantification of glycerol with a centrifugal fast analyzer

  2. Standardization of the qualitative nitroblue tetrazolium dye reduction test and its clinical usefulness

  3. Determination of platelet survival using an aspirin labeling technique

  4. A clinical and technical evaluation of plasma viscosity compared to the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test

  5. Study of the methodological variables of triiodothyronine radio-immunoassay and evaluation of their effects on the T13 value

  6. Development and comparison of a turbidimetric method and a nephelometric method for quantitating immunoglobulins on a centrifugal fast analyzer

  7. The assay of antithrombin III and heparin using synthetic chromogenic substrates

  8. Antigenic analysis of enterobacteriaceae by two dimensional crossed immunoelectrophoresis with emphasis on enterobacterial common antigen (ECA)

  9. T and B lymphocyte enumeration in pediatric lymphoreticular neoplasms and application of the cytocentrifuge to the enumeration of T lymphocytes

  10. Amniotic fluid lamellar body phospholipid content and fetal pulmonary maturity

  11. Determination of dimethyl sulfoxide in serum and other body fluids by gas chromatography