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  1. Reproducibility and validity of tooth measurements made from a 3D digital model scanner compared to plaster molds

  2. Ion release from a novel resin orthodontic bonding agent for prevention of white spot lesions : an in vitro study

  3. Comparison of bracket transfer accuracy of 3 indirect bonding tray methods in maxillary teeth having varying displacements and rotations - an in vitro study

  4. Fracture toughness, clarity, and staining of thermoplastic orthodontic retainer materials

  5. Accuracy of alveolar bone measurements using cone beam computed tomography compared with direct in vivo measurements

  6. Effects of staining on white spot lesions treated with ICON resin infiltration

  7. Effectiveness of dental masks and an industrial mask to filter aerodynamically respirable dust particles created by grinding dental composite adhesives

  8. Effect of mini-implant collar design on orthodontic skeletal anchorage

  9. Corrosion and nickel ion release of nickel titanium archwires with ion implantation technology in deflected and nondeflected states

  10. Self-ligation vs. elastomer : one-year follow-up study examining bracket archwire ligation technique on microbial colonization and white spot lesion formation