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  1. The effect of the Oregon Health Plan cutbacks on the presentation of chronic illnesses to Oregon emergency departments

  2. Risk factors associated with contraception non-use between 1995 and 2002 an analysis of the national survey of family growth, cycle 5 and cycle 6 datasets

  3. Availability assessment and content analysis of implementation guidelines for electronic medical records in primary care settings

  4. Prevalence and correlates of lifetime methampetamine use and nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers among American Indians and Alaska natives

  5. Factors influencing the usage and effectiveness of clinical content tools of EpicCare at Kaiser Permanente Northwest

  6. Characterization of mutant carnitine palmitoyltransferase I gene expressed in yeast and mice

  7. Novel Methods for Generating Strains with Increased Copy Number in the Yeast Pichia pastoris

  8. Regulation of the transcription factor p63 by [beta]TrCP

  9. The effects of high- and low-carbohydrate weight loss diets on bone health in overweight and obese adults

  10. The role of ephrin-eph receptor signaling during enteric nervous system formation in manduca sexta