Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground: Reflections on the Building of OHSU

This is the story of the Oregon Health & Science University, or rather several stories, as OHSU is a complex institution, with convergent histories. It is a story of healing: of the hospitals, clinics, and centers of OHSU and the people they serve across Oregon and beyond. It is a story of teaching: of the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing, and the many other academic programs of OHSU, past and present.  And it is a story of discovery: of the OHSU faculty, researchers, scientists, and alumni, who have changed health care and medicine in the state, the country, and the world. What began as a tiny medical school in Northwest Portland has evolved into a multi-faceted institution that includes an academic health center, a nationally prominent research center, and a resource for Oregonians’ health. This exhibit tells some of the many stories that built the foundation of OHSU and laid the framework for the institution as it looks towards the future.

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