Interview with Cecille O. (Sunderland) Beyl, M.D. Public Deposited

Cecille O. Beyl, M.D., begins by describing her family background. Her mother, also a physician, was born in New York City to Russian Orthodox Jewish immigrants. Beyl then describes her childhood, also born and raised in New York City. She goes on to talk about her medical education as well as other academic pursuits, earning 2 masters degrees in languages and literature. Beyl also discusses her career in pediatric cardiology at OHSU, working with other notable figures of the university, such as Charles Dotter, M.D., of the Diagnostic Radiology Department. Beyl concludes the interview talking about climbing Mount Adams with her colleagues, her dream of being a folk singer, and the special influence of a French literature professor at Portland State University.

Transcript of oral history interview with Cecille O. (Sunderland) Beyl, M.D., conducted on February 26, 2009 by Sima Desai, M.D.

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