The beef with meat: a review and analysis of strategies to address the social injustices of the industrial meat system Public Deposited

In this paper I explore the industrial production of meat through a lens of social justice. I first discuss why animal production and consumption is a social justice issue, detailing the ways in which it relates to violence, public health, and the environment. Then I review literature to see what is being said to address the meat industry, to discover how the problems of meat production and consumption are framed and the solutions proposed. I find that most of the suggestions fall into four categories: sustainable meat, individual vegetarianism (and veganism), less meat initiatives (e.g., Meatless Mondays), and public policy. I then analyze these categories, illuminating the strengths and limits of each in their ability to promote social justice as then assess their role in social change. In closing, I argue that each strategy has major limitations in its full ability to promote social justice, but that all should be utilized together to bring about change.

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