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A surgical kit in a wooden case, measuring 39 x 14 x 9 cm. The reddish brown case has three red velvet-lined instrument trays, one of which is removable. The case has brass hardware and a nameplate, which bears the name "J.R. Stiles." The kit contains: 1) ebony-handled bone saw, measuring 45.5 x 8.5 cm, 2) three thin metal suture coils, 3) two metal catheters, 34.5 cm in length, 4) brass and web tourniquet, 5) three ebony-handled amputation knives, 6) ebony-handled Heys cranial saw, 7) metal director, 12.8 cm long, 8) artery forceps, 9) bullet forceps, 10) six ebony-handled minor surgery knives, 11) tissue forceps, 13.5 cm in length, 12) dissecting scissors, 11.5 cm in length, 13) plain elevator and raspatory, 15.8 cm in length, 14) ebony-handled aneurism needle, 15) oblong hemostat forceps, 16) two bone skull plugs, and 19) leather pad holding thirteen suture needles. The case and instruments are generally in good condition, although the set is missing eight of the original instruments and the instrument tray divider piece. The kit was donated by Mrs. W.B. Morse in November 1945.

ca. 1870's

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5A1

Digital photograph of a surgical kit in a wooden case. The red velvet-lined case has been placed on a gray counter and opened to reveal the contents. The removable instrument tray has been set on the gray counter in front of the case. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

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