Drug kit in a leather case Public Deposited

Digital photograph of a drug kit in a folding leather case. The black leather case is opened to reveal two rows of glass vials filled with various substances. The manufacturers label can be seen on the upper flap.

Folding drug kit in a black leather case, measuring 16 x 8 x 4.5 cm. The case has two rows of ten slots each, with leather loops to secure glass vials. This kit holds fourteen glass vials with cork stoppers, some with paper labels. Two vials are 4 cm tall, and the rest are 6 cm tall. The case also has two enclosed compartments, which hold one envelope containing unidentified brown powder and two small bottles. A paper manufacturers label on the inner flap reads: Smith & Davis, Apothecaries, Chemists. The kit is in fair condition, with tearing on the case flap and deterioration of the cork stoppers.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 24

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