Assorted drugs and herbal preparations Public Deposited

A collection of patent medicines donated by John C. Brougher, M.D., in February 1976. The collection includes: 1) four clear glass ampules of "Prostigmin methylsulfate 1-4000," 2) two glass ampules, each in cardboard container, with 1 cc. Corpus luteum soluble extract, 3) one 1 cc. glass ampule in cardboard box, containing sterile solution Calcium gluconate-glucoheptonate, 4) physicians sample box of Neoprontosil, with two 5-cc ampules and 10 tablets in a small sealed vial, 5) amber glass bottle of Calomel in cardboard box, 6) one 2 cc. ampule of Caffeine with sodium benzoate in a green paper wrapper, 6) one carton of Male fern and Kamala, containing twelve capsules, and 7) one carton of Sodium cacodylate, containing twelve individually-wrapped 1 cc. ampules. The items are all in good condition.

ca. 1930's-1940's

Medical Museum Collection, Box 51

One of two digital photographs (with 77-316_1_15a.jpg) of a collection of assorted drugs and herbal preparations. In this image, several medications not included in the accession 77-316.1.15 have been arranged on a gray counter. The original printed containers can be read in part: "Quinine and Urea Hydrochloride" and "Stilboestrol in Oil." A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

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