Miscellaneous surgical equipment Public Deposited

Digital photograph of a collection of surgical instruments along with a brown oilstone, all arranged on a gray counter. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

ca. 1900-1950's

A collection of assorted surgical equipment donated by John C. Brougher, M.D., in February 1976. The collection includes: 1) oilstone, measuring 13 x 5 x 1 cm, marked "Franz Swaty, Wauring bei Wien," 2) Stehmanns self-retaining tongue depressor, manufactured by Huston Bros., 3) ESI proctoscope, size #33B, 4) a hypodermic kit in a metal case (7.5 x 6 cm) with six chambers for needles, marked "Military--Randall Faichney Co., Boston, USA," 5) trephine, 6) heavy forged steel mallet with hook handle, which came with the note "Dr. Rosenfeld, 1956", 7) Skillerns curved phimosis forceps, 8) small two-pronged abdominal retractor with blunt ends, manufactured by Kny-Sheerer and engraved "MD-USN," 9) Fahnestocks tonsillotome, and 10) nickel-plated director and tongue tie. The items are generally in good condition, although the director and tongue tie is bent out of true.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 60

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  • 1950
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  • Corp., R.-F., Co., H. B., Company, K.-S., Company, E. S. I., & Swaty, F. "Miscellaneous surgical equipment" (1950). OHSU Digital Collections. https://doi.org/10.6083/M4BP016X
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