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A collection of miscellaneous medical instruments in a cardboard box measuring 39 x 16 x 12.5 cm. There is no provenance information for this collection, although the obstetrical forceps have a tape tag which reads: Mrs. W.J. Warner, Medford, March 19, 1942. The collection includes: 1) Somers uterine elevating forceps, 2) Leurs hysterectomy forceps, 3) a hard rubber syringe with a long tip, 4) vaginal speculum, 5) two flat metal retractors, 6) Kelleys abdominal retractor with handle, 7) tenaculum with ebony handle and shaft tip, 8) tonsil snare, 9) Goelets double-ended abdominal retractor, 10) Sawyers obstetrical forceps with wood handles, 11) dental forceps, 12) tenaculum forceps, 13) Kochers and MGH-type periosteal elevators, 14) Glasgow-style metal uterine douche, 15) Carstens perineum needle, 16) no. 24 urethroscope, 17) metal trocar, 18) two glass suture tubes (removed in June 2003), 19) three strands of wound clips, 20) five metal bands with slotted ends, 21) two metal catheters, 22) two French sounds, no. 24, "Wildungen pattern," 23) the center shaft of a gauze packer, 24) three uterine probes, 25) two nasal specula, 26) hypodermic needle, 27) three-nozzle stopcock, 28) one spoon director, 29) curette, without handle, 30) two bone drill bits, and 31) three applicator handles with tips.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 4B

One of two digital photographs of a large collection of miscellaneous surgical instruments. The instruments have been set out on a blue-grey countertop. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

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