A quality improvement project to increase participation and improve quality in nurse-midwifery benchmarking Public Deposited

This is a quality improvement project for a nurse-midwifery practice with a primary objective of examining current benchmarking participation and formulating recommendations for improvement in the benchmarking process. The collection of data and participation in benchmarking efforts are important tools in providing evidence of the outcomes of nurse-midwifery specific care. A review of the practice’s current data collection process was undertaken. Facilitated meetings with stakeholders were held. Cause and effect diagrams were used to examine the process of benchmarking. Short cycle PDSAs were developed to improve workflow and standardize the benchmarking process. Recommendations for improvement were disseminated back to the practice. It is expected that, as a result of this quality improvement project, the practice will develop a streamlined process for gathering practice-level data for the American Association of Birth Centers Perinatal Data Registry and the American College of Nurse-Midwives Benchmarking Project. The development of a complete, high quality and easily accessible data set showcasing nurse-midwifery specific outcomes provides validation and support for the continued need for this particular midwifery practice and the profession of midwifery as a whole.

  • https://doi.org/10.6083/m4fx78zp
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  • 2017
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