The curious silence of gender inequality Public Deposited

Gender inequity, or the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender is deeply engrained in our society and I believe limits our ability to create and sustain positive social change. Gender inequity is pervasive in the food system as well; keeping women in disadvantaged positions within food labor outside of the home and within the home. The purpose of this study is to identify existing patterns and perspectives in representations of gender inequity within academic literature. My research survey yielded a small set of articles that I analyzed for patterns in pertaining to the rhetoric used to describe women; if the focus of study pertained to the home, the self, or the work domains. I also focused on solutions to gender inequity proposed to address increased gender equity. This research supports the conclusion that gender equity is pervasive within the alternative agrifood system, is acknowledged by the academic community, and continues to oppress women in all levels of society. Additionally, the connection between increased gender equity and positive social change is promising and should be explored further with continued research. Finally, I propose that increased gender equity has the power to improve the food system for every participant, and pave the way for increased equity within the system as a whole.

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