Miscellaneous surgical instruments Public Deposited

Digital photograph of a collection of miscellaneous surgical instruments arranged on a tan counter. See full description of collection for more details.

ca. 1920's

Medical Museum Collection, Box 43

A collection of miscellaneous surgical instruments donated by John C. Brougher, M.D., in February 1976. The items are all in good condition. The collection includes: 1) uterine tenaculum, 2) gallstone scoop, 3) gallstone probe, 4) post-nasal forceps, marked "BF17 Germany," 5) perineum needle, marked "HOV," 6) perineum needle, manufactured by Sklar, 7) pedicle needle, manufactured by Sklar, 8) foreign body forceps, 9) knife and dissector, manufactured by Haslam, 10) rubber and metal penis clamp, manufactured by Bard, 11) esophageal dilators, stored in the hollow metal instrument handle, 12) nasal tampon forceps, manufactured by Penn S.M. Co., 13) chrome forceps, 14) catheter, and 15) ligature needle.

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