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Homeopathic drug kit, measuring 17.4 x 9.5 x 2.5 cm. The brown cloth-covered case has room for eighteen glass vials in a purple velvet lined tray. One of the vials is missing from this case. The kit was sold by Boericke & Tafel as the "Dollar and a Half Case," and a printed list of included substances is pasted into the case lid. The item was donated by Helen Cary, M.D., in February 1950. It formerly belonged to Mr. Careys father, who was not an M.D. The kit was removed in June 2003 for hazardous waste disposal.

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ca. 1875

Digital photograph of a homeopathic drug kit. The case lid has been removed to reveal seventeen glass vials filled with pills and other pharmaceutical preparations. A printed sheet of drug information, pasted to the case lid, has been unfolded to show the list of substances.

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