Employee wellness in community mental health: the quadruple aim and yoga for providers Public Deposited

Provider burnout is now a leading cause of provider turnover in community mental health (CMH) clinics and contributes to decreased mental health outcomes. Recently, health care systems have been focusing on employee wellness initiatives as a solution to burnout. The literature shows particularly significant improvements in employee wellness from yoga- and mindfulness-based interventions. This report details a four-week pilot project based on yoga and mindfulness at one metropolitan CMH clinic. Clinic employees’ mean wellbeing scores increased by 7.7% between pre- and post-intervention surveys, which was reflected primarily in the change in wellbeing scale scores, and less in the scores designed to measure exhaustion and disengagement. The mere creation of the pilot occurred with clinic and organizational approval and indicates the way forward for a more wellness-focused occupational environment.

  • bloomberg.leah.2019
  • 10.6083/5712m7156
  • 2019
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  • Bloomberg, L. "Employee wellness in community mental health: the quadruple aim and yoga for providers" (2019). OHSU Digital Collections. bloomberg.leah.2019
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