Surgical kit in wood case Public Deposited

ca. 1860's

Medical Museum Collection, Box 71

Digital photograph of a surgical kit in a wooden case. The red velvet-lined case has been placed on a gray counter and opened to reveal the contents. The divider piece has been removed to show the instrument compartment in the inner case lid. Several pieces from the kit have been placed on the counter in front, including silk sutures, wax, needles, a chain saw, and two ebony handles.

A surgical kit in a wooden case, measuring 40 x 13.5 x 7.5 cm. The dark brown case has two red velvet-lined instrument trays, and brass lock and name plates. The kit contains: 1) card of silk suture in a red cloth envelope, 2) two cards of silk suture, size no. 14, 3) large bone saw, 4) packet of emery paper, 5) piece of leather, measuring 15 x 10 cm, 6) seventeen suture needles wrapped in additional leather, 7) two pieces of wax, possibly beeswax, 8) roll of dental floss, 9) two brass and chrome trephines, one 2.5 cm in diameter and the other 2.0 cm in diameter, 10) bone cutting forceps, 11) ebony handle for trephines, 12) Heys cranial saw, 13) ebony-handled brush, 14) three amputation knives, in lengths of 36, 29, and 20.7 cm, 15) Halsteads curved hemostatic forceps, 16) ebony-handled lenticular knife with round end, 17) chain saw blade and two ivory handles, 18) Frickes artery forceps, 19) Listers needle nose artery forceps, 20) ebony-handled cartilage knife, 21) ebony-handled tenaculum, 22) ebony-handled metacarpal saw, and 23) concave metal elevator and raspatory. The kit was donated by Willard Smith Boutwell in July 1950, and is in fair to poor condition. The bottom of the case has split, and the veneer is warped and broken in spots.

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