Assorted patent medicines Public Deposited

Digital photograph of an assortment of patent medicines from the 1920's, in the original printed packaging. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison. A shadow obscures the lower right corner of the images

A collection of assorted patent medicines from the 1920's, donated by John C. Brougher, M.D., in February 1976. The collection includes: 1) a bottle of Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription with an advertising booklet, 2) amber glass bottle of Sargon soft mass pills, 3) Chases tonic tablets, 4) Vinco herb tablets, 5) Pyramid suppositories, 6) Mercirex ointment in a sexagonal milk glass jar, 7) amber glass bottle of Wampoles pap-ken antacid, 8) red clover heads, 9) Friends smoking tobacco, and 10) balm of gilead buds in a brown paper wrapper with handwritten label.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 51

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