Miscellaneous drugs and medical equipment Public Deposited

A collection of assorted herbs, drugs, and medical equipment, donated by John C. Brougher, M.D., in February 1976. The collections includes: 1) glass irrigator, similar to Valentines, with a cutoff, nozzle, and rubber tubing, 2) a box of stramonium leaves, loose-pressed, from Allaire & Woodward Co., 3) a bottle of chromium sulphate tablets, from Wyeth & Bros., 4) a bottle of calolactuse tablets, from Searle & Hereth Co., 5) a box of skunk cabbage root, from Allaire & Woodward Co., 6) one package of boneset (eupatorium perfoliatum), from S.W. Gould & Bros., 7) a package of gold thread marked "mouthroot", from Murray & Nicket Co., 8) a package of hemlock leaves, from Allaire & Woodward Co., 9) a brass kidney warmer, 10) two pear-shaped black rubber colpeurynters, in different sizes, 11) two glass nipple shields, handblown by Dr. Brown, 12) a piece of fabric-covered tubing, 13) a brass plated funnel, and 14) a set of six instrument name plates made from cardboard. The items are all in generally good condition.

ca. 1910

Medical Museum Collection, Box 32

One of three digital photographs (with 77-206_17_17a.jpg and 77-206_17_17b.jpg) of a collection of assorted herbs, drugs, and medical equipment. This image shows a brass kidney warmer.

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