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One of two digital photographs (with 77-161_1_36a.jpg) of a black leather doctors bag filled with obstetric surgical instruments and other supplies. In this image, the bag is shown closed and set on a gray counter. Many obstetrical instruments have been removed from the case and placed around the bag.

ca. 1900's

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 4C4

A black leather doctors bag filled with obstetric surgical instruments and other supplies, donated by Amelia Ziegler, M.D., in September 1960. The brown leather-lined bag measures 45 x 17 x 15 cm and has a leather-covered handle. It contains: 1) tenaculum forceps, 2) hard rubber pessary, 3) stainless steel pelvimeter, 4) vaginal retractor, 5) flat retractor, 6) anesthesia mask, 7) three specula, 8) two double-ended sounds, 9) two curettes, 10) sound/probe, 11) scissors-type uterine dilator, 12) three suture needles, 13) uterine auger, 14) black plastic cylindrical container, 15) mechanical pencil, with Dr. Zieglers name in gold lettering, 16) brass doorplate for Dr. Ziegler, 17) folding tongue depressor, 18) ear spoon and hook, 19) catheter/irrigator, 20) olive-tipped sound, 21) slide forceps, 22) three vials of catgut sutures in a box, 23) small glass syringe with two needles, 24) syringe kit in a metal case, including a glass syringe, needle, and four vials of hypodermic tablets, 25) phonendoscope in a metal case, and 26) two glass bottles with metal caps. The case and instruments are in fair condition. The bag shows some wear, and some instruments have minor rust and discoloration.

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