Surgical kit in a folding leather case Public Deposited

Digital photograph of a surgical kit in a folding leather case. The red fabric-lined case is being held open to reveal the contents, including numerous instruments and a card of silk.


Surgical kit in a folding leather case. The black leather case is lined with red fabric and tan leather, and measures 15.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm. It holds twenty-one objects, including: 1) card of silk, 2) two curved suture needles, 3) two small hemostats, 4) curved tissue scissors, 5) three lancets, 6) three folding knives, 7) one director, 8) a bone-handled curved knife, 9) three folding tenaculum hooks, 10) tweezers, and 11) three unidentified items. The case is in poor condition, with torn leather and loose lining. Some instruments appear to be missing.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 2B

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