Surgical kit in wood case Public Deposited

ca. 1870's

Digital photograph of a surgical kit in a wooden case. The purple velvet-lined case has been placed on a gray counter and opened to reveal the contents. The removable instrument tray has been set on the gray counter in front of the case, and the tray divider has been set on the right. A few of the ivory-handled instruments have also been removed to the counter top. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5A1

A surgical kit in a wooden case, measuring 40.5 x 13.5 x 8.3 cm. The dark brown case has three purple velvet-lined instrument trays, one of which is removable. The manufacturers label is affixed to the tray divider piece in the inner lid. The case has brass hardware, but the nameplate is missing. The kit contains: 1) ebony-handled amputation saw, 2) three ebony-handled amputation knives, 3) chain saw and two ebony handles, 4) eight suture needles, 5) Heys cranial saw, 6) two brass trephines, 7) brass tourniquet with strap, 8) silk suture, 9) two ebony-handled tenacula, 10) metal-handled tenaculum, 11) metal elevator and raspatory, 12) bone shears and needle holder, 13) four ivory-handled minor surgery knives, 14) ivory-handled trocar, 15) scissor-type bullet forceps, 16) claw-type bullet forceps with ring handle, 17) ivory-handled split tenaculum, and 18) curved hemostat, 30 cm in length. The set was donated by Charles E. Littehales, M.D., and is in fair to good condition.

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