German medical field kit Public Deposited

Medical Museum Collection, Box 86

A World War II-era German field first aid kit, donated by Dr. James F. Dinsmore in October 1945. The kit is housed in an olive drab metal case, bearing the label "Verbandkasten" and a red cross on a circular white field. The kit contains: 1) thirteen rolled bandages, 2) three sealed bandages, 3) three 2-cc syringe kitss in individual metal cases, 4) one bar of green soap, and 5) twelve boxes of various drugs. A printed contents and instruction sheet is affixed to the inner lid. Roman coins found in the kit were removed in March 1978 for further research.

One of two digital photographs (with 77-70_1_32b.jpg) of a German first aid kit from World War II. This image shows the metal case and several of the contents, arranged on a gray counter. The lid of the case has been opened, and the printed contents sheet can be seen affixed to the inner lid. Several rolls of bandages and boxes of medicines can be seen around the case. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

ca. 1939-1945

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