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A doctors bag filled with obstetric instruments and supplies, donated by R.P. Westover, M.D., in December 1960. The case and contents are generally in good condition. The black leather bag measures 45 x 19 x 28 cm, and has three enclosed compartments in the top portion and an open bay in the bottom. It contains: 1) two metal obstetrical forceps, 2) two metal knife handles, without blades, 3) spring scale, 4) three hemostat forceps, 5) two needle holders, 6) vaginal speculum, 7) vaginal retractor, 8) trocar, 9) periosteal elevator, 10) small spoon gouge, 11) two pairs of brown rubber gloves, 12) three marking pencils, 13) tube of K-Y jelly, 14) seven boxes of hypodermic needles, 15) small glass jar of gold ink, 16) two boxes containing ampules of erotrate, 17) twin nozzle inhaler, handle broken, 18) eleven glass vials of suture material, 19) three glass tuberculin syringes, 20) four hypodermic needles, 21) two 5-gram packages of sulfanilamide, 22) three packs of knife blades, 23) eleven curved suture needles, 24) four small trocars, 25) syringe in a metal case, with two vials of hypodermic tablets, 26) two silver probes, in sizes #1 and #3, 27) tweezer forceps with spoon end, 28) eight syringes in boxes, 29) box of knife blades, 30) five vials of dermal sutures, 31) box containing a vial of metycaine, 32) box containing "piuetary extract," 33) small drug kit in a leather case, containing five vials and three blades, 34) two small glass jars of sulfathiazole, 35) brown glass bottle of hydrochloride, 36) thirteen sterile gauze pads, 37) box of gauze marked "half-twist," and 38) glass jar of umbilical tape.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5B1

One of three digital photographs (with 77-126_2_113b.jpg and 77-126_2_113c.jpg) of a doctors bag filled with obstetric instruments and supplies. In this image, many of the bags contents have been arranged on a gray counter. Bandages, medications, vials of suture material, and other miscellaneous medical supplies are included. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

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