Japanese medicines Public Deposited

Medical Museum Collection, Box 59

ca. 1939-1944

A collection of Japanese medicines, donated by John B. White, M.D., in January 1945. The collection includes: 1) carton containing ten 0.5-cc ampules of 15-capon enarmon (methyltestosterone), with note that "This is included in every emergency field kit of medical supplies," 2) ten 1-cc ampules of digitaminum in a carton, 3) ten 2-cc ampules of viton in a carton, 4) ten 1-cc ampules of Vitamin B1 in a carton, 5) six 2-cc ampules of antipyrine in a carton, 6) six 10-cc ampules of a 10% solution of sodium citrate in a carton, 7) ten 20-cc ampules of 3% solution of sulfonamide, 8) box containing ten 20-cc ampules of 20% solution of katose, along with two 20-cc ampules of stibnal solution, one triangular rasp, and a printed instruction sheet, and 9) a carton containing five 5-cc ampules of atabrine "for intramuscular use" and five mustard-colored vials filled with a fine powder, marked "0.3."

One of two digital photographs (with 77-297_14_9b.jpg) of a collection of Japanese medicines, set on a gray counter. This image shows two cartons filled with glass ampules containing amber liquids. The original carton label on one box and an instruction sheet, both printed with Japanese characters, can be seen. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

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