Japanese drug chest Public Deposited

ca. 1939-1945

Medical Museum Collection, Box 38

One of two digital photographs (with 77-294_1_15b.jpg) of a collection of World War II-era Japanese medicines. This image shows the wooden case, lid removed, and some of the contents. The original printed Japanese labels can be seen on most items.

A collection of Japanese medicines in a wooden case, measuring 21.5 x 33 x 15 cm. Most of the printed labels bear only Japanese characters. The items are generally in good condition. The collection includes: 1) cardboard box containing 500 grams adsoebin, 2) cardboard box containing ten 20-cc ampules of Stibnal and six clear glass vials, 3) amber glass bottle of formalin, 500 grams, corked and sealed with wax, 4) amber glass bottle with red cap, 5) white glass jar with screw-on cap, 6) cardboard box, empty, with "sterile dressings" pencilled on back, and 7) cardboard box, empty, with "100 Vaseline" pencilled on back.

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