Drug kit in a leather case Public Deposited

A drug kit in a black leather case, measuring 24.5 x 13 x 18 cm. The kit was donated by Mrs. Hazel K. Ford, daughter of Dr. Max Dittebrandt, in April 1951. The case bears the name of Willis H. Davis, from Keokuk, Illinois. The unlined case has a metal latch and side clasps. Two vial trays, framed in metal, are attached to the case and have small compartments for storing tablets and other articles. Two removable leather trays are each fitted with ten leather vial loops. The case contains: 1) seven 7.5-cm glass vials with cork stoppers, 2) fourteen 11.5-cm glass vials with cork stoppers, 3) sixteen 6-cm glass vials, 4) two 5-cm glass vials with metal caps, 5) small box containing unidentified pink pills, 6) one box containing unidentified pink powder, 7) five tablet cards containing "Painodynes," manufactured by A. Webster Co., 8) one 5-cm glass vial, 9) one 3-cm glass vial with a paper stopper, and 10) one 4.5-cm glass vial with a cork stopper. The vials are in generally good condition, but the case shows heavy wear.

Digital photograph of a drug kit in a black leather case. The case has been opened to reveal a row of glass vials of various sizes. Two removable vial trays have been set on the gray counter to the left. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 115

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