Dissection kit Public Deposited

Medical Museum Collection, Box 2A

A dissection kit in a wooden case. The case measures 17.5 x 6.5 x 2.3 cm, and lacks any interior padding. The case clasps are brass as is a name plate on the lid. The name plate reads: J.W. Stuff-80 & 81. The case contains five pieces: 1) single chain grappling hook with prongs on either end, 2) one large trocar, without a handle, 3) two curved dissecting knives, and 4) a dissecting tenaculum. Missing from the kit are three items, one of which was a pair of dissecting scissors. The kit was moved from the storeroom in the Dept. of Physiology to the Medical Museum Collection in June 1966.

ca. 1890's

Digital photograph of a dissection kit. The pieces of the kit have been removed from the wooden case and laid out on the counter. A ruler can be seen in the foreground, for sizing.

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