Surgical kit Public Deposited

ca. 1850's?

Digital photograph of an opened surgical kit. The black leather case is lined with purple velvet and laid on a blue background. Twelve surgical instruments can be seen inside the case.

Surgical kit in a black leather case. The case is lined with purple velvet and measures 15 cm. x cm. x 2.3 cm. The case contains: three catheters, one needle probe, one ear hook and spoon, one artery forceps, one blunt probe, one director, one minor surgery knife, one tenaculum, one suture needle in an envelope, and one card of tsatlee silk. The case and instruments are generally in good condition. There are five empty instrument loops inside the case, indicating possible missing items. The kit was donated to OHSU in January 1960 by Mrs. J.J. Baur.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 1B

Publication Date
  • 1850
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