Japanese medicines Public Deposited

ca. 1939-1945

A collection of Japanese medicines, donated by John B. White, M.D., in January 1945.The collection includes: 1) amber glass bottle with glass stopper containing liquid phenol, manufactured by Toyo Seiyaku Boeki, 2) pink cardboard box holding one clear glass vial of a sterile solution of glucose and acacia, 3) small blue cardboard box holding one tube of antiseptic cream, 4) small amber glass bottle with cork stopper, containing anti-gangrene serum, 5) larger amber glass bottle with cork stopper, containing phenolamine tablets, 6) clear glass bottle with screw-off top, once containing concentrated vitamin preparation (empty), 7) small, sealed amber glass bottle containing creosote pills, 8) small oval metal box containing hemorrhoid treatment, 9) black plastic medicine droppper with removable rubber stopper, 10) small cardboard box holding a metal container filled with paraffin fuel, 11) black oval box holding two glass vials of aspirin with cork stoppers, as well as several packets of an analgesic compound, 12) cardboard tube containing powder for use in a gas attack, and 13) one packet bound in brown cloth, containing an unidentified substance. The items are all in fair condition.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 41

Digital photograph of a collection of Japanese medicines, set on a gray counter. The wrappers on the original cases are printed in Japanese characters. Several boxes and canisters of medicine are shown, as well as a medicine dropper.

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