Ophthalmic surgical kit Public Deposited

ca. 1890's

Ophthalmic surgical kit. The black leather case measures 19 x 9 x 3 cm, and is lined with red velvet. It has one removable tray. The kit contains: 1) lid forceps, 2) small scissors, 3) two small tweezers, 4) needle nose forceps, 5) two blunt probes, 6) two lid retractors, 7) ten knives, 8) one hook, and 9) two cannulae. There are two printed pieces of paper included with the case. One of these is from the prescription pad of Dr. M.A. Cachot. The case and instruments are in generally fair condition. There is some rust on the instruments, and one pair of scissors is missing.

Digital photograph of a kit of instruments for eye surgery. The red velvet-lined case is being held open to reveal the contents. Set against the lid are two printed pieces of paper. On one of these, the name of Dr. M.A. Cachot can be read.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 2B

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