Addressing military sexual trauma in women veterans through trauma-informed care Public Deposited

Military sexual trauma (MST) is a pervasive problem in all branches of the military services and disproportionately affects women. Its consequences on a woman’s career, health, and well-being are deleterious and follow her throughout her lifespan. While the VA healthcare system has been diligent in its screening for MST and connection to care services for those affected by MST, trauma-informed care is a systems-wide approach and demands that the delivery of services also be rendered in a way that is sensitive to trauma. In 2020, a quality improvement study by Sierra Stuart, FNP sought to bring a training by Trauma-Informed Oregon to providers and staff at the Portland VA Women’s Clinic to improve their interactions and care for patients with MST. This evaluative study aimed to assess the participation in that training and its impact on provider/support staff relationship and communication skills from the patient perspective.

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  • 2022
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