Surgical kit in wood case Public Deposited

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 4C2

Digital photograph of a surgical kit and its wooden case. The instruments have been removed from the case and arranged on a gray counter. The case is shown closed at the rear, and the case key can be seen among the instruments. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

A surgical kit in a wood case, donated by F.W. Brodie, M.D., in September 1941. The case originally belonged to Dr. E.D. Steincamp, and bears his nameplate. The purple velvet-lined case has brass hardware and two instrument bays, and measures 40.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm. The set is missing some of the original instruments. The case contains: 1) ebony-handled amputation saw, 2) saw blade, with protective cloth sheath, 3) trephine, with removable ebony handle, 4) ebony-handled tenaculum, 5) metal curette, 6) leather patch, 7) tourniquet with brass buckle and rubber belt, 8) three ebony-handled amputation knives, 9) Heys cranial saw, and 10) periosteal elevator and raspatory. The instruments are in excellent condition, and the case is in good condition.

ca. 1910?

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