Evaluation and optimization of injected activity and scan time on a 3 and 5-ring GE PET/CT while maintaining clinical image quality Public Deposited

PET image data is regularly reconstructed with iterative techniques, including the maximum likelihood-expectation maximization (MLEM) and the ordered-subset expectation maximization (OSEM) methods. GE Healthcare has introduced a new reconstruction technique known as Q. Clear with a penalization factor (β) in order to improve the image quality (IQ) parameters and qualification of PET data. This study compared the IQ impact of our facility's current clinical OSEM (C. OSEM) and the available Q. Clear reconstruction technique using a NEMA phantom. We investigated the optimum β value and its effect on IQ parameters on our 3 and 5-ring PET/CT scanners that would maintain the current diagnostic level of IQ while possibly allowing for a decrease in scan time on the scanners.

  • Mojabi.Zahra.2021.pdf
  • https://doi.org/10.6083/gt54kn61s
Publication Date
  • 2021
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