Variables of consultation experience influencing orthodontic treatment plan acceptance Public Deposited

This study aimed to determine whether non-clinical, non-financial factors including demographics, leadership / marketing / communication skills, and character / behavioral traits of orthodontists influence conversion rate. A paired questionnaire was formulated: one for practicing orthodontists, one for orthodontic patients, including questions regarding demographics, consultation experience, higher education, work experience, orthodontic business, and behavioral traits. Relationships between reported conversion rates and the other responses were analyzed. Among other conclusions, the study found statistically significant lower conversion rates for Asian orthodontists and urban orthodontists, that business, marketing, communications, or related courses in continuing education do not improve conversion rate, digital visual aids seem to improve conversion rates, and that the number of languages spoken by an orthodontist is correlated to higher conversion rate. Further research is indicated to elucidate these and other findings.

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Publication Date
  • 2020
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