Japanese medical supplies and miscellaneous artifacts Public Deposited

ca. 1939-1945

A collection of medical equipment and supplies and other objects obtained in Japan during World War II, and donated by Roger Keane, M.D., in September 1945. The items are housed in a silver case measuring 38 x 28.5 x 25 cm. The case has dual hinge closures and a red cross emblem on each side, along with Japanese characters. The case is in good condition with only minor dents. It contains: 1) Japanese flag with signatures of American servicemen, 2) two framed black-and-white photographs of Marshall Islanders, 3) a printed "Certification of Clearance," dated 6-6-44, 4) a printed Japanese health record from Namur, dated 2-2-44, 5) a COAFPF manual entitled, "So you are going to the South Pacific?", 6) printed Japanese South Pacific manual, 7) canvas drug kit containing fourteen glass vials, 8) canvas drug kit containing five glass vials, 9) pack of medical tags, 10) Ringers empty IV bottle in a string net, 11) bottle of quinine tablets made in Java, 12) Jintans thermometer in a leather case, 13) glass bottle containing a red crystallized compound, 14) two bandage packets, 15) roll of pink gauze, 16) scalpel, 17) five eye patches, 18) can of 5 percent tar paste, 19) glass bottle of aspirin, with cork stopper, 20) two small 20-cc glass vials of 20 percent glucose, 21) two small brown glass jars, 22) small pack of sterile cotton, 23) nose and throat applicator/swab, 24) surgical mask, 25) white rubber cold pack, 26) elevator/spatula, 27) small metal case containing three instruments, and 28) canvas drug kit containing twenty-two glass vials with metal caps. The items are all in good condition.

One of two digital photographs (with 77-149_1_36a.jpg) of a collection of medical equipment and supplies and other objects obtained in Japan during World War II. In this image, the silver case is shown closed, and surrounded by some of the contents. Printed manuals, in both English and Japanese, have been propped against the front of the case. Assorted bandage material and Japanese medications have been placed atop the case, as well as on the gray counter to the right.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 4C3

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