Sound and bougie set Public Deposited

A set of metal sounds and bougies in a wooden case, donated by Bertha L. Breuer, M.D., in June 1948. The finished wood case has a purple velvet lining and removable instrument tray. It measures 48 x 25.3 x 6.5 cm. A metal nameplate affixed to the outer lid reads "H.C. Jefferds, M.D." The set seems to be missing some of the original sounds. The case contains: 1) twelve metal sounds marked in English, French, and American scales, 2) nine olive-tipped bougies, 3) one double-ended sound, 4) metal catheter with double loop handle, 5) five soft rubber sounds, and 6) sound gauge card.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 4C5

ca. 1886

Digital photograph of a set of sounds and bougies in a wooden case. The case has been opened to reveal the sounds in the upper instrument tray. Bougies have been removed from the case and placed in front of it on the gray counter.

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