Doctor's bag Public Deposited

ca. 1900-1920

A black leather doctors bag, originally carried by Dr. O.B. Miles during his twenty-years of practice before his death in 1920. The bag measures 40.5 x 17 x 16 cm and shows heavy wear. The bag contains: 1) metal vaginal speculum, marked "P & S Co," 2) metal canister of magnesium sulfate, badly deteriorated, 3) cardboard box containing "Lees tank," a three-spool package of catgut ligatures, 4) two clear glass irrigation or douching tubes, 5) two pieces of an unidentified telescoping apparatus, 6) small leather-covered case containing three sample vials of medicines from the Eli Lilly Co., 7) small drug kit in a leather case, containing eight glass vials with metal caps, 8) blood pressure cuff and bulb, 9) four vaginal retractors, 10) two abdominal retractors, 11) small point chisel, 12) scoop curette, 13) double-curved hemostat, 14) half of an ebony-handled vaginal speculum, 15) plaster cast knife with lift, and 16) two unidentified examination table pieces, 22 cm in length. The instruments are generally in good condition.

One of two digital photographs (with 77-123_1_22b.jpg) of a doctors bag filled with miscellaneous medical and surgical instruments and medicinal preparations. In this image, the bags contents are shown arranged on a gray counter. A ruler has been placed near them for size comparison.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5B1

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