Miscellaneous medical instruments and equipment Public Deposited

One of two digital photographs (with 77-152_3_37a.jpg) of a collection of miscellaneous medical instruments and equipment. The items have been arranged on a dark gray counter. This image includes sounds, forceps, an alcohol lamp, a wood-handled file, and other instruments.

A collection of miscellaneous medical instruments and equipment, donated by Oliver M. Nisbet, M.D., in August 1965. The collection includes: 1) seven olive-tipped sounds, 2) placenta forceps, manufactured by Arnold & Sons, 3) headband for a head mirror, manufactured by Betz Co., 4) two lid retractors, 5) nasal speculum, manufactured by Kny-Scheerer, 6) cork holder and a paste brush, 7) two elongated forceps, 8) small alcohol lamp with metal case and cap, 9) three cautery tips, manufactured by Mueller & Co., 9) artery forceps, 10) laryngeal mirror with metal handle, 11) catheter/irrigator, 12) uterine curette, 13) instrument file, 14) scalpel, 15) two knife handles, without blades, 16) blunt-tipped probe, 17) double-ended uterine dilator, 18) six uterine sounds, 19) ear spoon, and 20) grooved director. The items are generally in good condition.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 21

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