Interview with Robert Campbell, M.D. Public Deposited

Transcript of oral history interview with Robert A. Campbell, M.D., conducted on April 26, 1999 by Linda Weimer

Robert A. Campbell, M.D., talks about his military service in the Navy during World War II, his undergraduate and medical education afterward, his residency in pediatrics, and how he came to the University of Oregon Medical School in 1961. He gives a lengthy report of events during his early years under Dr. Donald Pickering, the director of the newly formed Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. He talks about his years in the Department of Pediatrics, the department's relations with Crippled Children's Division and Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children, his fundraising, his work in the kidney transplant program, and his own research on polyamines. Campbell also discusses the dehumanizing effect of technological advances in bedside care and what he sees in the future of medicine.

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