German surgical field kit Public Deposited

ca. 1914-1918?

Medical Museum Collection, Box 75

A surgical kit of German manufacture in a plated metal, or perhaps stainless steel, case. The kit was donated by Earnest Movius, M.D., who believed it to be an army field kit. The unlined case measures 37.5 x 19.5 x 12 cm, and has a canvas strap as well as metal loop handles. The number 63 is stamped on the case lid. The case is fitted with four removable instrument trays, which together hold seventy-six surgical instruments. Some of the original instruments appear to be missing. The case and instruments are otherwise in excellent condition.

One of three digital photographs (with 77-106_1_81a.jpg and 77-106_1_81b.jpg) of a surgical kit of German manufacture in an unlined metal case. This image shows the closed case on a gray counter. A canvas strap used to secure the case has been placed before it, and a ruler has been included for size comparison.

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