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A doctors bag filled with medical instruments and supplies, donated by W.H. Thayer, M.D. The black leather bag measures 48.5 x 20 x 23.5 cm and has brass hardware. The lid is fitted with two interior pockets, and a single side pocket runs along the lower inside of the case. The case and instruments are in fair condition. The case shows wear, and some of the instruments have minor rust. The bag contains: 1) an intubation set in a metal case, with forceps, introducer, and seven tracheal tubes, 2) ophthalmoscope in a red velvet-lined case, with battery handle, 3) jar of umbilical tape, 4) anesthesia mask, 5) four assorted needle holders, 6) Engels plaster cast saw, 7) ebony-handled straight razor, 8) long-stemmed curette, 9) Hudsons bone rongeur, 10) Bedfords obstetrical forceps, 11) American pattern umbilical scissors, 12) Pratts rectal speculum, 13) Record Salvarsan syringe, 14) Beck-Schenk tonsil snare, 15) tenaculum forceps, 16) Cohens nasal forceps, 17) Cohens curette forceps, 18) curved dressing forceps, 19) Sims applicator, 20) Emmetts applicator, 21) ebony-handled curved needle with blunt end, 22) uterine auger, 23) curved tenaculum forceps, 24) metal-handled tenaculum, 25) minor surgery knife, 26) tweezer forceps, 27) two metal curettes, 28) Thompsons turbinotome saw-edged scissors, 29) periosteal elevator, 30) pointed probe, 31) two small glass bottles with metal caps, 32) small metal swing hinge, 33) proctoscope insert, 34) vial of #2 suture gut, 35) Braun-Simpson obstetrical forceps, 36) two screw clamps, 37) black metal bandage roller with wood crank handle, 38) cloth blood pressure cuff with rubber bulb, 39) glass tube of "Murphy Saline," 40) catheter tube, without tip, 41) glass catheter/irrigator, 42) eyelid retractor, 43) dissection probe with wooden handle, 44) Ballenger-Hajeks elevator, 45) metal syringe tip, 46) small nasal perforator forceps, 47) tracheal spring retractor, 48) Kellys placental forceps, 49) Bolks speculum and irrigator, 50) curved metal probe, 51) probe tip with threaded end, 52) two cloth bags for obstetrical forceps, 53) curved ligature forceps, and 54) six typed instruction sheets for new mothers.

One of four digital photographs (with 77-177_1_69b.jpg, 77-177_1_69c.jpg, and 77-177_1_69d.jpg) of a doctors bag filled with medical instruments and supplies. In this image, an intubation set in a metal case and an ophthalmoscope in a red velvet-lined case are shown on a gray counter. Around those opened cases are arranged several of the bags contents, including a black metal bandage roller with wooden crank handle. A ruler has been placed along the edge of the counter for size comparison.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 4C4

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