Miscellaneous medical instruments Public Deposited

A collection of miscellaneous medical instruments, donated by John C. Brougher in February 1976. The items are in fair to good condition. The collection includes: 1) Scheetzs nasal saw, 2) two Dieffenbachs serrefine artery forceps, 3) Kny-Scheerer mouth gag with ratchet, 4) Codman & Shurtleff nasal cutting forceps, 4) tonsil hemostatic clamp, 5) Kny-Scheerer dermal curette, 6) Thorf & Lloyds bone chisel, 7) two Ralks umbilical clamps, 8) anterior vaginal retractor, 9) Gibbons percussion hammer, 10) Schaedels towel clamps, manufactured by F.A. Koch & Co., 11) two Sklar pelvimeters, 12) Thom pelvimeter, 13) one item, possibly a pelvimeter, 14) Richter clip forcep, 15) Jurasz' adenoid forceps, 16) uterine gauze packer, 17) rectal biopsy forceps, 18) double current female catheter, 19) two Bainbridges intestinal tissue forceps, 20) Aloe & Co. minor surgery knife, 21) introducer for stem pessaries, 22) Ralks nail drill, 23) Peans straight hysterectomy forceps, 24) two Gentile intestinal clamps, 25) three Roubaix suture forceps, two angular and one straight, 26) Gutschs dressing/tissue forceps, 27) Oti([a-z])' urethral endoscope, 28) Wageners forceps for removing Michels suture clips, 29) Leiter needle holder, 30) Weder strabismus hook, 31) Victoria strabismus hook, manufactured by Noyes Bros. & Cutler, and 31) a probe.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 37

One of three digital photographs (with 77-206_23_38a.jpg and 77-206_23_38c.jpg) of a collection of miscellaneous medical instruments, arranged on a gray counter. See the description of the original physical item for more details.

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