Dissection kit Public Deposited

Medical Museum Collection, Box 2A

Digital photograph of a dissection kit. The case has been opened to reveal the items inside. The manufactuers name can be seen printed on the case lining in the lower portion of the case. A slip of paper indicating the name of the donor and date of donation can also been seen resting atop the inside lid.

ca. 1900

A dissection kit in a black lacquer case. The case measures 18 x 7 x 2.5 cm, and is lined with buff-colored kidskin. The case clasp is brass. The case contains seven pieces: 1) one tenaculum, 2) one pair of scissors, 3) one scalpel, 4) dissecting forceps, 5) one needle probe, and 6) two ivory handles. The kit is missing one pair of scissors. It was donated in November 1940 by John Francis Ortschild, M.D.

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